UNICEF, anti-human trafficking groups urge authorities to ensure Ukrainian refugees aware of rights

The anti-human trafficking groups and UNICEF have advised the authorities to make more efforts that Ukrainian refugees are aware of the rights upon the place they have reached after escaping the war-torn nation.

The non-profit Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking in Belgium targets the social media pages that the individuals from Ukraine have fled because of Russia’s full-scale military operation are likely to use them the most, including Facebook and Telegram, to spread the awareness of risk among the people.

In Germany, there are some men that have preyed upon vulnerable women and children when they arrive at train stations.

Along with this, the warning for the Berlin government on the website it has set up for refugees for Ukraine, “Please note that there may be criminals on the move at Berlin central station who want to profit from the situation of war refugees.”

In Poland, a 49-year-old man has been behind the bars for raping a 19-year-old woman from Ukraine.

The majority of the individuals escaping the war-torn nation in Ukraine are women and children, and the men are needed to stay behind and fight Russian troops.

Moreover, UNICEF has warned that “Children fleeing war in Ukraine are at heightened risk of human trafficking and exploitation.”

The UN agency for refugees highlighted that more than 3.5 million females, as well as children, have crossed the international borders to seek refuge from the war.

There have been next to no major incidents n Belgium, despite the arrival of more than 20,000 people who escaped Ukraine. Two of the incidents reported so far include a case of economic exploitation in an Antwerp butcher’s shop and a man who offered a Ukrainian woman a place to stay in exchange for sexual favours.

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