Moscow is not planning to block Youtube, says Minister

Russia is not planning to block Alphabet Inc’s Youtube, the minister for digital development stated on Tuesday, accepting the fact that such a move would likely see Russian users suffer and should therefore be avoided.

To avert PFOS pollution problems, ‘tough environmental change is required’

Groen, a green party in Flanders, is advocating for a comprehensive overhaul of the region's environmental policies to avoid such pollution crises in the...

Russia will meet with NATO in Brussels

Following the US-Russia summit in Geneva, Russia will conduct talks with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels on security assurances, according to...

Microsoft is making an upgraded version of OpenAI’s autocomplete software GPT-3!

Microsoft is making an upgraded version of OpenAI's autocomplete software GPT-3. As part of its suite of Azure cloud tools available to business customers....

The hidden way for better quantum future!

Back in 1998, a team of experts involving a researcher of UC Berkeley, Mark Kubinec, analyzed the simple quantum computation for the first time...

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