Fatal Shooting in Marseille Adds to City’s Rising Violence Despite Government Crackdown

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders were met with a harrowing sight - the victim had been mercilessly shot approximately ten times with a mix of small and large-calibre bullets, including those typically associated with Kalashnikovs, signifying the ruthless nature of the attack

Belgian Branch of Body Shop Declared Bankrupt, No Relaunch in Sight

According to a report published by Le Soir on Monday, hopes of a revival for the beloved brand have been dashed as the franchise agreements for at least 12 Belgian shops have reached their expiration

Drug Violence Plagues Peterbos Housing Estate in Anderlecht: Residents Cry for Help Amidst Gang Domination

Reports indicate that the neighborhood has fallen under the control of former residents, including teenagers and minors as young as 10, with ties to drug clans in Marseille, France

Belgium, France, Italy, and Israel Drawn in Same UEFA Nations League Group

Among the standout groups, Group A of the Nations League boasts an array of formidable teams, including World Cup runner-up France and reigning European champions Italy, Belgium, and Israel

Paris becoming new Philadelphia, rise in homelessness and drug addicts

Paris, France: Noctis Draven, combat veteran, writer, and historical researcher, shared a glimpse of the capital of France, Paris, usually converting in Philadelphia as homeless and drug addicts people have slightly increased across the streets

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