Greece: Amani Swiss extends support to Ukraine, announces donation of 1.8M Medical supplies

The Managing Director of Amani Swiss, Irini Karipidis has announced their intention to donate medicines worth USD 1.8 Million to the people of Ukraine

MEP Sylwia Spurek writes to European Parliament, highlights farms making Europeans life hell

MEP Sylwia Spurek wrote a letter to the European Parliament highlighting that farms make the lives of thousands of European women and Europeans living in their neighbourhood hell. She also mentioned that people can't go out for a walk with their children because of the odour nuisance and open the windows. 

“Transwomen get to triumph as a ‘woman’ “, says MEP Assita Kanko

MEP Assita Kanko expressed that transwomen get to triumph as a 'woman', not as a 'menstruating person' or a 'person with a womb'. She voluntarily raises her voice against the people who discriminate transwomen from women

Italian PM Giorgi Meloni meets Rishi Sunak, hails UK’s immigration policy

United Kingdom: The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgi Meloni met with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.The visit from Meloni aimed to strengthen the bilateral relations between Italy and the United Kingdom.

READ HERE: Account of Samira Abdi , a hunger-struck mother of five children in Somalia

Somalia: Samira Abdi anxiously watches her 6-year-old son as a nurse carefully weighs him at the feeding centre of the Melkadida refugee camp in the eastern part of Ethiopia's Somali region. Samira took her children there as they had been suffering from stomach pains for weeks. However, he knows very well what is actually tormenting them: hunger.

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