Do you know some unusual facts about Food

Food is something on which the survival of life. People always feel interested in some unusual facts about Food.

Belgians under-16 year old increasingly struggling with an eating disorder: Data

The report also reveals that younger children are more likely to have these diseases than before the Covid-19 outbreak started.

Brussels invests more than €250,000 to combat nighttime sexual harassment

The Brussels government announced on Saturday that it would give €250,527 to four civil society initiatives that combat sexual harassment.

Belgium: In search of monkeypox vaccine, people travelling to France

Many Belgians are now crossing the border to receive vaccinations against the monkeypox virus in France as a result of the rigorous qualifying.

Britain to host conference on helping Ukraine rebuild from harm caused by Russia: Truss

Britain is planning to host a conference next year which will focus on helping Ukraine recover from the harm which has been caused by Russia's invasion, the foreign office stated, as nations gather in Switzerland for this year's event.

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