Immigrants residing in territory reduced by 52% compared to 2021

Arrival flows and asylum applications for 2022 appear to have increased compared to 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. At the same time, however, during this period, there was a decrease in the number of asylum seekers residing in the structures of the territory, an increase in voluntary departures and a decrease in the backlog of asylum.

REPowerEU: Europe paces towards renewable forms of energy

Europe: The European Commission, in its recently launched campaign named as REPowerEU, has been really looking forward towards the green energy transitions and reducing the dependence over the energy produced from fossil fuels.

European Parliament completes first plenary week of year

Europe: The European Parliament has completed its first plenary week of the year. Within the first plenary week, the European Parliament undertook the following activities:

German Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann wants Ukraine to win war

Marco Buschmann mentioned in his official statement that it is important that war-torn Ukraine wins this ongoing war for stability and serenity.

France pledges to defend Ukrainian cities against drone strikes

France pledged on Sunday air defence systems to defend Ukrainian cities against drone strikes and an expanded training program for soldiers.

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