Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shares update on mixed-breed dog

Chance, Animal Shelter shared information about a mixed-breed dog available for adoption. She is a cheerful, sweet named Sonya, a dog of mixed breed Jack Russell.

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter waiting some dogs from Kherson

Chance, Animal Shelter, mentioned that they are waiting for some dogs from Kherson, the city of Ukraine, which is constantly heavily bombed now. 

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces Juna-shepherd mix dog from Ukraine

Chance, Animal Shelter introduced Juna, a sweet candy, shepherd mix with a small dog from Ukraine. She is available for adoption. 

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter urges people to help injured cat

Chance, Animal Shelter has urged the citizens to help a beautiful car that arrived in Belgium from war-torn Ukraine in early December looking for a new home. Her paw has been completely detached. 

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces Ricardo, dog found in Kherson

Chance, Animal Shelter, introduced a dog named Ricardo with the appearance of an aristocrat. He is available for adoption. 

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