Shipwreck claims nine refugee lives in Mykonos

Nine more deaths from the refugee shipwreck in Mykonos came to be added to the human hecatomb that is regularly sacrificed in the Aegean, in the Mediterranean, but also in the Evros.

Brussels awarded second prize for European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has been awarded the second prize for ‘European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity’ by the European Commission.

Greece: 6 traffickers arrested for promoting illegal immigrants inside country

Greece: Six traffickers, including three nationals and three foreigners, were on May 11 and 12, 2023, in the areas of Evros, Rodopi and Drama by police officers from the Police Departments of Alexandroupolis, Rodopi, Orestiada and Drama, who were pushing illegal immigrants into the country in six different cases.

READ HERE: The plight of asylum seekers in Greece

Greece: The asylum seekers heading Greece in the hope of better life need to be cleared off of the smoke screen they have formed. The Greek Government is trying to tackle the menace of immigrant trafficking in the country while trying the ones involved in immigrant trafficking.

SYRIZA managed to get country of memorandums, adjusted debt: Alexis Tsipras

Greece: The Greek opposition leader, Alexis Tsipras stated that SYRIZA had managed to get the country out of the memorandums, adjust the debt, leave 37 billion euro in public funds, to achieve 8 consecutive quarters of positive growth rates.

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