Futsal World Cup Qualifier: Ukraine beats Belgium by 10-2

It emerged victorious against Belgium with an impressive score of 10-2 in the Futsal World Cup 2024 elite round qualification match held on September 15th. The game took place at the Belleheid Arena in Roselare, Belgium

Ukrainian 95 separate assault brigade shares story of mortar clearing driver

The Ukrainian 95 separate amphibious assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared the story of a mortar clearing driver who built domes for churches across Ukraine and now fights in Donbas as part of the glorious 95th brigade of the army

France may transfer Mirage 2000 fighters from French Air Force to Ukraine

Paris, France: An Agreement for Ukraine to obtain Mirage-2000D ground attack versions has apparently been made. France is looking to increase Ukraine's Air Force strength by providing them with the French-made Mirage-2000D

Poland is no longer supplying weapons to Kyiv in response to Zelensky’s remark on grain deal

Warsaw, Poland: Poland is no longer supplying Ukraine with weapons as it is actively arming itself, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

MEP Marcel de Graaff reflects true face of Ukraine

MEP Marcel de Graaff gave a painful summary of the crimes committed by Ukraine in the European Union during the debate on recent developments in Ukraine and Russia on Wednesday.

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