PM Modi: India ready to contribute to peace process in Ukraine

India, Delhi: After meeting Italian PM Giorgia Meloni at a press meeting, PM Modi said, "In the starting, only we noted that the issue of Ukraine will only solve through dialogues and diplomacy. And India was and is fully ready to contribute to any peace process."

Immigrants residing in territory reduced by 52% compared to 2021

Arrival flows and asylum applications for 2022 appear to have increased compared to 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. At the same time, however, during this period, there was a decrease in the number of asylum seekers residing in the structures of the territory, an increase in voluntary departures and a decrease in the backlog of asylum.

European Parliament completes first plenary week of year

Europe: The European Parliament has completed its first plenary week of the year. Within the first plenary week, the European Parliament undertook the following activities:

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shares update on mixed-breed dog

Chance, Animal Shelter shared information about a mixed-breed dog available for adoption. She is a cheerful, sweet named Sonya, a dog of mixed breed Jack Russell.

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter waiting some dogs from Kherson

Chance, Animal Shelter, mentioned that they are waiting for some dogs from Kherson, the city of Ukraine, which is constantly heavily bombed now. 

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