League of Undocumented Domestic Workers of CSC Brussels denounces violence at work

Brussels: The League of Undocumented Domestic Workers of the CSC Brussels denounces the violence suffered at work, its effects on living conditions and the effective impossibility of filing a complaint in order to live and work with dignity.

Brussels: Programma Uitzending Managers to provide Business consultancy small and medium enterprises

Brussels: Business consultancy assistance is available to Filipino small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the services of the Programma Uitzending Managers (PUM), an organization supporting over 45,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, including the Philippines, with aid from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gibraltar International Bank announces retirement of CEO Lawrence Podesta

The Gibraltar International Bank has today confirmed the retirement of its Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Podesta, on 28 February 2023.

FBI Raids Office linked to Chinese President after reelection

Washington [US]: Following the successful reelection of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the prospect of extending his influence across the globe began on a sour note as FBI counterintelligence forces raided a New York office building believed to be secretly housing Chinese "police" units, as reported.

J&K emerges as global brand, thanks to ‘Make in India’

Jammu and Kashmir: The Make In India campaign has been really successful in promoting the brand Kashmir that it is no surprise to encounter Kashmiri products, from something as small as Lavender essential oil to carpets, in any part of the globe.

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