Poland relaxes need to wear facial mask at public places

Poland, Europe– The authorities have made an announcement that the nation’s citizens would no longer be needed to wear a face mask in public places.

According to the sources, the decision has been confirmed by the Health Minister named Adam Niedzielski; he mentioned that the new transformation would become effective starting from March 28.

The Minister highlighted, “The first is to lift the mask-wearing requirement, but that does not apply to healthcare facilities.”

Along with this, the health minister stated, “The second decision concerns home isolation and home quarantine for household members, but also all other quarantines related to arrivals in Poland.”

As per the figure that has been provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), there was a maximum of 5,915,888 cases of the COVID-19 infection have been registered in Poland since the starting of the pandemic, while a maximum of 114,480 individuals have lost their lives by getting infected from the COVID-19 infection.

Additionally, the same source depicts that a maximum number of the 64,741 individuals have been tested positive for the Coronavirus infection in the previous week. In contrast, approximately 707 people have faced death.

Despite such figures, the authorities in the Central European nations have made the decision to lift the rules and regulations that have been imposed to prevent the increase of the variant of the COVID-19 infection.

In the previous time, the authorities in Poland has declared that they had put an end to the quarantine and testing requirements for the arrivals who have completed their vaccination process against the COVID-19 infection, showing they present a vaccination certificate that shows they have been vaccinated against the disease.

As per the data provided by Poland’s government, the people that have not received their doses of vaccination and are not yet recovered are needed to follow quarantine rules and regulations for only seven days if they fail to meet the entry requirements.

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