We are unable to arrange more accommodation for Ukrainian refugees, says Germany

The authorities of Germany mentioned that they are facing some issues as the number of the Ukrainian refugees are arriving from the war-torn nation, they are unable to arrange more accommodation for the individuals.

On March 18, the head of the non-governmental association Pro Asyl named Günter Burkhardt mentioned that currently, the nation does not have many reception facilities for all of the people from Ukraine.

Burkhardt highlighted, “The problem facing the government is that they didn’t reduce the time previous arrivals to Germany spent in first reception facilities.”

Moreover, the head of the migrant aid group Pro Asyl emphasised that the government should have reduced the maximum amount of time that is spent at these facilities from eighteen months to three months.

Along with this, Germany is at the starting of the number of people that have reached in the nation till now. If the invasion remains constant, the country must make an everlasting settlement for these individuals.

The ministry of Germany has announced that around 239,000 refugees from Ukraine that have escaped because of Russia’s full-scale military operation have been reported in the nation so far.

The Federal police official mentioned that on Wednesday, around 238,932 of the individuals that were primarily women, children as well as the elderly have arrived from Ukraine.

In addition, the unions representing the police in the nation mentioned that the country was also going through the issue of registering Ukrainian refugees.

All of the people who have fled the war zone can get access to Germany without a visa and are not required to register if they do not look for housing assistance.

Furthermore, the president of the League for the Protection of Children named, Heinz Hilgers, mentioned that the local administrations were preparing to discover more places for children for people coming from Ukraine.

He further outlined, “Children also need places where they can play with other children their age.”

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