Halt in COVID preventive steps in China may bring situation similar to 2022: Reports

China is no longer taking preventive steps to halt the COVID spread of the nation as well as is letting the citizens roam and travel freely as they like, adding that this might come to a head in a situation similar to 2022 when the infection spread all over the world from Wuhan, as per the Hong Kong Post.

Climate change causes more than €145 billion of economic losses in EU: Reports

The change in climate has caused more than €145 billion in economic losses in the European Union over the last ten years.

Belgium: COVID cases decreases after sudden surge

After the cases of COVID-19 rose briefly in Belgium in recent weeks, this trend seems to be slowly turning, according to the reports.

Europe may witness another wave of COVID-19, warns WHO

The other wave of COVID infections may have begun in Europe as cases have started to rise all over the region, the World Health Organisation.

Belgium: 42% patients suffering from COVID admitted to hospitals, says reports

An average of 83.3 patients suffering from COVID were admitted to hospitals per day, in the previous seven days, in Belgium.

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