Germany to introduce already announced additional tax on gas consumption

Germany will introduce its previously-announced additional tax on gas consumption, declared Trading Hub Europe, from October.

Monkeypox virus cases rise in Belgium

The cases of the monkeypox virus cases are increasing in Belgium, but there is plenty of misinformation about the infection and how it is spread it is still circulating online.

Belgium: Monkeypox vaccination tactic will alter on Monday

Belgium will alter its immunisation strategy for monkeypox as of August 1 in response to an increase in cases and growing worldwide concern.

European airports witnesses several cancelled, delayed flights amid worker strikes

Several EU airports have faced cancellation or delay of hundreds of flights on Saturday, July 2, as the industry is hassling with continuous work strikes.

Inequality in Brussels intensifies by COVID-19 crisis: Reports

From the continuing housing crisis to the gap between rich and poor, inequality in Brussels has been aggravated by the COVID-19 crisis, as per an analysis by perspective.

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