Over 3.2 million people fled Ukraine since Feb 24: UNHCR

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR has made an announcement that over 3.2 million individuals have escaped the war-torn nation till now from February 24 to March 18.

The Ukrainian Refugees are heading towards the neighboring nations, including Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia.

Along with this, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has observed on March 18 that the majority of the people running from Ukraine due to Russia’s full-scale military operation are not fully vaccinated against the variants of the COVID-19 infection.

In the statement, it has been mentioned that “In the absence of documented evidence of prior vaccination, eligible children, as well as adults from Ukraine, should be offered a primary vaccination course against a variant of the COVID-19 infection as well as a booster dose, but elderly, pregnant women, the immunocompromised and individuals with underlying conditions at higher risk of severe disease should be prioritized. For future reference, a physical or digital record of vaccination should be provided, including for people in transit to another country.”

Moreover, as per the ECDC, the first-line workers, including the health care workers or the volunteers if they are not already vaccinated, should also receive an entire COVID-19 vaccination course as well as a booster dose according to the national guidelines.

To reduce the increase of the COVID-19 infection in the reception centers, the ECDC has stated that it is essential to consider testing all those individuals who have already been displayed from Ukraine.

Those who show signs similar to the COVID-19 infection should get the necessary support if there is no testing capacity.

Meanwhile, the report highlighted the other measures that can be considered, such as ensuring access and use of clean water, disinfectants, as well as all complete execution of hygiene.

Furthermore, several EU and Schengen countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Malta and Belgium, have reported lower rates of people getting infected as compared to the last weeks.

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