MEP Elena Kountoura participates at World Knowledge Forum 2022 in Seoul

Elena Kountoura, took part as a guest at the World Knowledge Forum 2022 global meeting, where she had an interactive session.

Ukraine war: 8 Russian Fighter jets destroy in Crimea airbase attack

On the 169'th day of Russia Ukraine war, the Ukrainian air force attacked a Russian airbase in Crimea; the Peninsula Russia seized in 2014.

Italy and Spain works to enhance cooperation for strong bilateral relations: Maio

Italy & Spain are working on a treaty of enhanced cooperation for stronger bilateral relations, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Friday.

Belgium considers delivery of heavy-duty weapons to Ukraine

Belgium’s Federal Government is considering the delivery of heavy-duty weapons, such as armoured vehicles or artillery, to Ukraine and the deployment of forensic experts to investigate Russian war crimes.

Number of Ukrainian refugees entering Belgium lowers, says Mahdi

The number of Ukrainian refugees entering Belgium has dropped significantly in the past few weeks. Whereas peaks of 2,000 registrations were reached on an everyday basis in March, this has decreased to some 500 people in April.

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