Poland increases border security to prevent illegal migration

Warsaw, Poland: Poland will start searching vehicles that cross its border with Slovakia for "illegal immigrants", PM Mateusz Morawiecki said Monday; Morawiecki said Poland didn't want anyone alleging that its border was "porous"

Germany: MESSI MESSI Chants outside Signal Iduna Park silenced French

Dortmund, Germany: Before the beginning of the friendly match between Germany and France, the German supporters silenced French fans chanting 'MESSI MESSI' outside the stadium and waved the Argentine's portrait with Balon d'Or's and World Cup trophy printed on it

Belgium to buy Sea Sparrow missiles from Germany for Ukraine

Brussels, Belgium: Belgium will buy Sea Sparrow missiles from Germany for Ukraine. Belgium intends to transfer 8 Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine, which it purchased from Germany, to strengthen its air defence. L'Echo reported this

Germany: Federal Police arrests Syrian driver smuggling migrants

Kiefersfelden, Germany: German Federal Police informed that on September 2, 2023, an 18-year-old Syrian individual was caught smuggling eleven people across the border from Austria to Germany. He didn't even have a license, too

Germany ranks top in World Cups (Men & Women combined)

Germany still ranks first in the number of World Cups won by a single country with Men and Women titles combined. Although Spain has recently won the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, Germany has six FIFA World Cup trophies, four won by men and two won by women's team

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