Moscow is not planning to block Youtube, says Minister

Russia is not planning to block Alphabet Inc’s Youtube, the minister for digital development stated on Tuesday, accepting the fact that such a move would likely see Russian users suffer and should therefore be avoided.

Russia will meet with NATO in Brussels

Following the US-Russia summit in Geneva, Russia will conduct talks with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels on security assurances, according to...

How to Make An Endportal in Minecraft? Learn to Make it From Scratch

The only way to find the Ender Dragon and access the End Biome is through Minecraft end portals. Continue to read about how to...

Amazon is selling Anthem for $15 only

One of the best PS4 and Xbox One title, Anthem, is available at a very cheap price on Amazon. There are reports that Amazon...

Apple Music gets 60 million monthly users worldwide: Reports

We all know that both Apple Music and Spotify are running in competition these days regarding the number of subscribers that both of the...

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