European Commission proposes full suspension of EU’s Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia

Europe: The European Commission proposed a complete suspension of the European Union’s Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia on September 6.

European Commission announced that the citizens of Russia should not have easy access to the European Union. To be a tourist in the European Union is not a fundamental right.

They shared an update on their official social media account, noting, “We are proposing to suspend the EU Visa Facilitation Agreement entirely – this means that Russian citizens will no longer enjoy privileged access to the EU and face a lengthier, more expensive and more difficult visa application process.

We also propose not to recognise Russian passports issued in active regions.”

European Commission added to the statement that Visa facilitation is a token of trust, which Russia’s war of aggression has wholly shattered. There can be no business as usual with Russia.

Along with this, Commission has adopted a proposal to suspend the EU visa facilitation agreement with Russia entirely.

As a result, Russian nationals will no longer have preferential access to the EU and would instead have to go through a lengthier, costlier, and more challenging visa application procedure. Member States will be able to assure greater scrutiny of Russian nationals travelling to the EU and will have a broad range of discretion in processing short-stay visa applications from Russian residents.

The EU will continue to be accessible to some Russian visa applicants travelling for urgent needs, including family members of EU nationals, journalists, dissidents, and civil society representatives.

The suspension is in reaction to increasing risks and threats to the security interests of the Union and the national security of member states as a result of Russia’s military actions against Ukraine, according to a news statement from the European Commission.

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