Russia war kills 25 Ukrainian on their independence day

As Ukraine marked its Independence day, attacks were carried out to the north of Kyiv. A missile strike from Russia killed about 25 civilians at a train station in eastern Ukraine, as per the officials in Kyiv.

The President of war-torn Ukraine-Volodymyr Zelenskyy alerted that Russia might do something “repugnant” before the 31st anniversary of Ukraine gaining independence from the Soviet Union. As a result, the national celebrations were called off.

Along with this, a video addressed to the United Nations Security Council, Zelenskyy, mentioned that rockets had hit Chaplyne, a small town some 145 kilometres west of Russian-occupied Donetsk in the east of Ukraine. “Chaplyne is our pain today. As of this moment, there are 22 dead,” he stated in a video, stressing that Ukraine would hold Russia to account for its actions.

Independence Day celebrations usually are festive affairs, with the nation’s blue and yellow banners raised above crowds. But his year’s event was much more sombre. The officials visited memorials, and the missile strike was a grim end of the day.

During the independence day of Ukraine, Zelenskyy marked the day with an emotional speech that described Russia’s full-scale military operation as a new Independence day in which Ukraine had to fight to be free, rather than only voting at the ballot box.

Furthermore, Zelenskyy stated on Wednesday, “A new nation emerged on February 24 at 04:00. Not born, but reborn. A country that did not cry did not scream, did not get scared. Did not run away. Did not give up. Did not forget.”

All over the nation, the people from Ukraine paid their respects to those who had been killed in military action from the beginning of the full-scale miliary operation.

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