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Brussels’ bright festival returns to Illuminate capital in February 2024

Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming festival, stating, "In just a few years, the Bright Festival has become one of the unmissable tourist events in our region

First time since 2016, European asylum applications anticipated to reach 1 million mark

Europe 2023 asylum applications are expected to reach the one million mark--the first time since 2016. The European Union, Norway, and Switzerland received 801,459 asylum applications between the beginning of the year and October

Belgium is 5th most innovation nation in Europe: Study

Belgium has been recognised as the fifth most innovative nation in the European Union. This recognition has been secured with the success of its public-private partnerships and ability to lure foreign doctoral students, making it one of the region's five official innovation leaders

Brussels: EU doesn’t have reliable information on Prigozhin’s death, says Peter Stano

Brussels, Belgium: Peter Stano, the spokesman for the European Foreign Service, said at a briefing in Brussels that the European Union does not have reliable information on the incident with Prigozhin's plane and Russia's sources couldn't be trusted

EU raises the bar: New directives set to enhance CBI Programmes

The European Union has laid down several new guidelines for countries offering citizenship by investment programmes. These new guidelines must be adopted to implement robust practices to ensure enhanced safety and security. This significant development was made clear following a recent meeting held between leaders of Caribbean countries and EU officials in Brussels, Belgium, said a source in EU Commission in Brussels.

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