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Greece General elections to be held on May 21

Greece: The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, confirmed May 21, 2023, as the day for the General Elections in the country. As soon as the election dates were announced, the New Democracy Government recounted what it went through during its tenure and announced its motto in this election.

Greece: Alexis Tsipras condemns privatization of water

Greece: The Greek leader of opposition, Alexis Tsipras voiced out against the privatization of water in his latest comments over the motion.

Ireland: MLA Diane Forsythe shares update on Downpatrick Living High Streets Initiative

Diane Forsythe, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland (MLA), shared an update on Downpatrick Living High Streets Initiative. She mentioned this pilot initiative could be transformative for Downpatrick, with successful delivery being then rolled out on High Streets in towns across the District.

Alexis Tsipras shares disappointment over condition of hospitals in Greece

Alexis Tsipras, the President of SYRIZA, a political party in Greece, says many surgeries are postponed, many clinics cannot operate, and hundreds of patients are on waiting lists.

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter waiting some dogs from Kherson

Chance, Animal Shelter, mentioned that they are waiting for some dogs from Kherson, the city of Ukraine, which is constantly heavily bombed now. 

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