Europol unveils updated ‘Most Wanted List’, Belgian Police close in on fugitives

In a renewed effort to combat severe crimes across Europe, Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, yesterday unveiled an updated version of its Most Wanted list, featuring 50 new names

Europe: 2000 health professionals to be trained for mental well-being of youth

The European Commission announced that among EU measures, 2,000 health professionals will be trained to work in a multi-disciplinary way by 2026 to meet the mental healthcare needs of young people

Brussels: EU doesn’t have reliable information on Prigozhin’s death, says Peter Stano

Brussels, Belgium: Peter Stano, the spokesman for the European Foreign Service, said at a briefing in Brussels that the European Union does not have reliable information on the incident with Prigozhin's plane and Russia's sources couldn't be trusted

EU High Representative Josep Borrell indicates line of cooperation between EU and Qatar

MEP Eva Kaili stated that EU High Representative Josep Borrell had indicated a line of cooperation between Qatar and the EU - New Revelations. She also mentioned receiving a letter from EU High Representative Josep Borrell.

MEP Radan Kanev reiterates beginning of negotiations b/w between EP and national governments

MEP Radan Kanev highlighted that the negotiations between the EP and the national governments, presented to the Council of the EU by the Spanish Rotary Presidency, began under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)

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