KLM Flight to Rio de Janeiro Makes Emergency Return to Schiphol Due to Technical Issue

KLM flight bound for Rio de Janeiro made an emergency U-turn back to Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands shortly after takeoff due to a technical malfunction. The incident occurred on Sunday, just 40 minutes into the flight

Activist Group’ Tyre Extinguishers’ Strikes Again, Deflates SUV Tyres in Ghent

This latest incident has sparked concern among local residents and car owners as the group continues its campaign against the environmental and social impact of large vehicles. Local police have confirmed receiving several calls about deflated tires throughout the night, though the exact number of affected vehicles remains undetermined

Brussels Boosts Park Facilities with New Toilets Ahead of Summer Surge

"The existing toilets could no longer handle the capacity needed for the influx of visitors," Deputy Mayor Maingain stated during the announcement. "We are pleased to provide these new facilities to ensure a more pleasant experience for everyone who enjoys our beautiful park"

Roos Vanotterdijk Shatters Belgian Record and Wins Gold at European Championships

Roos Vanotterdijk clinched gold in the 100-metre butterfly and silver in the 50-metre at the European Championships. She dramatically overtook Sweden's Sara Junevik in the final seconds of the 100-metre race, cementing her status as one of Belgium's top swimming talents

Brussels Declines to Host UEFA Nations League Match, Citing Gaza Situation

Tensions had escalated in Brussels with repeated pro-Palestinian demonstrations since the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas. The city, already on high alert due to its status as a potential target for extremist attacks, found itself further strained by the prospect of hosting an international sporting event under such conditions

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