Belgium to send another humanitarian caravan to Ukraine containing 7 ambulances

Brussels, Belgium: Belgium sent another aid for Ukraine containing ambulances. This time, the cargo consists of 7 ambulances, each of which will perform the primary mission - to save the lives of Ukrainians

Another Belgian attacked by Moroccan immigrant in Brakel

Brakel, Belgium: Another Belgian resident is attacked by a Moroccan immigrant in Brakel. An elderly man on a bench faces punches and kicks from a guy from Morocco. No one comes to the man's aid

Belgium: BE for Ukraine donates third school bus to Ukraine

Brussels, Belgium: 'BE for Ukraine', a Belgium-based charitable organization, sent a school bus to the Yelanetska settlement council of the Mykolaiv region, which is the third school bus for Ukraine donated to Ukraine

Belgium to buy Sea Sparrow missiles from Germany for Ukraine

Brussels, Belgium: Belgium will buy Sea Sparrow missiles from Germany for Ukraine. Belgium intends to transfer 8 Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine, which it purchased from Germany, to strengthen its air defence. L'Echo reported this

Belgium: Following accused for paedophilia, Belgian radio personality Sven Pichal resigns

Brussels, Belgium: Sven Pichal, 44, the host of the consumer affairs programme "The Inspector" (De Inspecteur) on VRT Radio 2, was detained by federal police last Thursday at his house outside Antwerp on suspicion of owning and disseminating child pornography

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