COVID-19 infection rate across Belgium is decreasing, but people getting admit to hospitals increases: Experts

In Belgium, the cases of COVID-19 infected individuals is decreasing on a rapid basis in the entire nation, but the number of people getting admitted to the health care centre is increasing gradually.

After the previous weeks, the figures depict the information that the number of people that have been affected by the COVID-19 infection is constantly dropping.

According to the figures shared by the Sciensano Public Health Institute, on Thursday, an average of 6,357 new coronavirus infections were recognized on a per-day basis, and there is a 1 percent decrease on the last week.

Along with this, the Omicron variant is BA.2 accounts for half of the cases in Belgium. The Omicron variant currently infects around 46.5 percent of people, and the Delta variant has been entirely replaced.

The PCR tests taken on an everyday basis with the average number in the same period have been reduced to 13 percent to 32,583,4.

Moreover, the positivity rate now sits at 21.6 percent, representing more than once in the five tests with a positive result.

By the increase in the rate of hospitalizations, the experts mentioned that there is no reason to worry about it yet, as well as they further added this change was expected because of the relaxation of the measures in February when Belgium has introduced the code on the Coronavirus barometer at the beginning of this current week when it will switch to the code yellow.

The Virologist Marc Van Ranst predicts this figure to reach a plateau and that it will then see a rise again. On Wednesday, he mentioned, “For March 7, we will end up somewhere around 8,000 new infections, while the weekly average is now 6,181.”

He further mentioned that the number of casualties is still decreasing, and “the number of people in intensive care is now even below 200.”

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