Brussels: Woman having turner syndrome gave birth to healthy child through frozen eggs

It is the first time in world history where a woman suffering from Turner syndrome has successfully delivered a healthy baby at the Brussels University Hospital- UZ Brussel.

The Turner syndrome is the condition that puts fertility at risk as it causes the females to lose their eggs at an accelerated rate. The syndrome results from a missing or incomplete sex chromosome.

Moreover, it is one of the most common issues which is caused by the abnormalities of the results when one of the X chromosomes (sex chromosomes) is missing or partially missing.

The girls suffering from such issues do not have the two X chromosomes in their bodies.

In addition, in Belgium, it affected a maximum of 2000 women, and it creates concern among them as it includes a growth disorder and an increased risk of heart faults. It also leads to a delay in breast development and menstruation due to accelerated loss of eggs.

As per the information provided by a fertility expert, to increase the chances of having their own baby, the individuals can consult a doctor. They can have their eggs frozen as they reach their puberty period, but this process can only proceed during hormonal treatment.

During a press release, Michel De Vos, the fertility specialist at the UZ Brussel’s IVF centre for reproductive medicine, mentioned, “It is important that the girl herself receives sufficient psychological and medical guidance to be able to consider this step in an informed and well-considered way.”

He highlighted the awareness that is growing among the health care experts and the parents are also imperative as it can bring the parents with the Turner syndrome a different thought in the upcoming time. “A desire to have children often remains something fundamental.”

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