Eastern Europe needs to speed up vaccination drive against COVID-19: WHO

The new variant of the COVID-19 infection Omicron is heading towards Eastern Europe as it is highly transmissible.

On Monday, the World Health Organisation mentioned that all the authorities increase the level of individuals getting infected all over the region as they have alerted the people that a wave of the virus is coming closure.

Moreover, the Europe director of the WHO, Hans Kluge, said the maximum number of the latest cases of COVID infected people had increased twice more than before in six nations in the region in the previous two weeks.

Kluge further mentioned that the 53-country region had added over 165 million confirmed cases of the COVID-19 as well as the 1.8 million deaths associated with the COVID variant. Meanwhile, 25,000 death have been noticed in the previous week.

Kluge further said during the press conference highlighting the rise in the cases of the Omicron variant, “Today, our focus is towards the WHO European region. Over the previous two weeks, the cases of the COVID have more than two times in the area of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine.”

He further added, as anticipated, the COVID variant Omicron wave is moving in the way of the wast side. Around 10 of the members of the eastern state have now observed this infection.

Kluge reported that there are some remote areas where the people have not yet received the vaccination in the region.

However, less than 40 percent of the individuals are under the age of 60 and have completed their COVID-19 vaccine in places including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

“I call on management, health authorities and relevant partners to closely examine the local reasons affecting lower vaccine demand and approval, and develop customised interventions to boost vaccination rates urgently, based on the context-specific evidence.”

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