Belgium: Less than 200 COVID-19 patients in ICU for first time in 5 months

In Belgium, it has been the first time since the middle of October that are less than 200 of the COVID-19 patients in intensive care all over the nation.

The cases of people getting infected by the COVID-19 infection is decreasing gradually, but the maximum number of people getting admitted to the health care center is increasing again.

As per the data shared by the Sciensano Public Health Institute, on Wednesday, in the morning, in between 2 to 8 March, 143.1 of the people are suffering from the COVID-19 infection were hospitalized on a per-day basis, there is an increase of 3 percent has been noticed since the last seven days.

Along with this, this count depicts the information that the maximum number of the individuals that end up in the health care center because of the infection, not the people that got admitted with the other condition and then tested positive for the COVID-19 disease.

Moreover, on Tuesday, a maximum of 2,007 individuals were in hospitals of Belgium because of the infection, which 62 less than on Monday, of whom 197 were being treated in intensive care (-9), and 91 people were in the ventilator.

The figures cover all of the individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 infection, such as the people who were first admitted with other health conditions.

On the other hand, on Monday, various nations measured were relaxed in Belgium as a result of the “favorable evolution of the epidemic conditions,” such as the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) need and the face mandate.

However, an average of 6,181 new coronavirus viruses were discovered on a daily basis. There is a 5 percent decrease in the last week.

Furthermore, the current situation in Belgium related to the COVID-19 infection accounts for 45.4 percent of all the cases, while the Omicron variant BA.2, which was predicted to be the dominant variant, is accounting for 54.6 percent.

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