Brussels Airport reaches milestone of 1 billion on passing of Covid-19 vaccines

On Thursday, March 10, the Brussels Airport has made the declaration that it has reached a significant event that around one billion of the vaccination against the COVID-19 infection have been passed through from the month of November 2020.

As per the details provided by the reports, the one billion of the vaccination includes that the750 million doses for the export as well as 250 million for import. On an everyday basis, the flights that include vaccines take off to over 60 nations all over the world, including Japan and the United States, which is the two main destinations.

The CEO of Zaventem Airport named Arnaud Feist, “We are proud to have passed the one billion mark for vaccines transported via Brussels Airport.”

“This is our contribution to the aviation against COVID-19 and our support for vaccination programmes around the world, starting with the first flight in November 2020.”

Additionally, the airport has been transporting the COVID-19 vaccination pills the maximum number of times.

The process is quite similar to that of vaccines, and the pills are over-sensitive to temperature variations.

Along with this, the company mentioned, “Thanks to its state-of-the-art pharmaceutical infrastructure, Brussels Airport is the ideal partner to ensure these new transports in complete safety.”

Currently, approximately 10 percent of the total volume of the goods handled at the Brussels Airport consists of pharmaceutical products.

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