Belgium to switch to the ‘Code Yellow’ in the COVID-19 Barometer from March 7

In Belgium, the authorities have made the declaration that the nation is going to switch to the Code Yellow in the Coronavirus Barometer from March 7.

As per the sources, the nation’s residents, along with the travellers, will now be subjected to reduced national COVID-19 rules and regulations.

After the new update, there will be no longer be needed to present a valid COVID certificate when entering the bars, restaurants and cafes, among others.

Additionally, the current restrictions that apply for various events will also be eased.

The statement of the authorities of Belgium stated, “From March 7, the corona barometer will switch to code yellow. The Consultation Committee has decided that. For example, the Covid Safe Ticket will disappear in the catering industry, and restrictions for events will expire. The epidemic emergency and the federal phase of the national emergency plan will also be cancelled after two years.”

Along with this, the authorities has explained the plan to relax the COVID-19 restriction that has been taken after concluding that the measures no longer stop the increase of the infection.

According to the details provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the nation has noticed 31,703 of the new COVID-19 virus cases in the last seven days.

On the other hand, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has shared the vaccination rates has revealed the information that 88.9 percent of the overall adult population have fulfilled their primary vaccination. The other 74.5 percent have also already received an additional dose of the vaccine.

To get access to hospitality venues, the need for passes has been lifted up. It has been outlined that wearing the face covers remains compulsory while going to the health care centres, the requirement of masks is must for individuals over the age of 12.

Furthermore, the authorities have further mentioned, “In healthcare institutions such as hospitals and residential care centres, the mouth mask remains mandatory from the age of 12, just like on public transport.”

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