Fresh COVID-19 cases across Belgium dropped below 9,000 cases, says data

The COVID-19 cases have declined favourably in Belgium as on a daily basis, the cases have dropped significantly to fewer than 9,000 cases, as per the data given by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Thursday, February 24, 2022

An average case of the new COVID-19 infected people has been reported as 8,998 per-day basis in the duration between 14 to February 20. It has been observed that there has been a 38 percent decrease in the cases since the previous weeks.

The Omicron variant has around 69.4 percent of the individuals infected all over Belgium, and it has been decreased from 10 percent from the last week.

The test against the COVID-19 infection has also witnessed a decline taken per day and stood at 19 percent, which means a total of 43,200 samples have been processed. As per the data, the positivity rate of the infections stood at 23.9 percent, a quarter of all tests emerged positive.

A total of 185,7 people have been admitted to hospital due to the novel coronavirus between 17 and 23 February, and the data is based on each day. The data signifies that a total of 27 per cent of the decrease has been witnessed in the seven days previous.

On Wednesday, a total of 290 people were admitted to intensive care, which further increased the toll of the people admitted to intensive care at 2,725.

This number includes all of the individuals affected by the COVID-19 infection, which has been tested positive, including all of those hospitalized with different health issues.

Along with this, approximately 38.3 of the COVID infected people have been died because of the virus on a per-day basis, and it has been noticed that there was an 18 percent decrease since the previous week.

The maximum number of deaths in the nation since the pandemic has begun has been recorded as 30,076.

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