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Monkeypox caseload around Belgium reaches to 17: Reports

The maximum number of confirmed monkeypox infections in Belgium has now increased to 17, according to the Sciensano public health institute.

Conditions for an epidemic emergency in Belgium results ended

In Belgium, on Thursday, in the Parliament, it was decided the condition for an epidemic emergency in Belgium is no longer fulfilled.

COVID-19 infection rate across Belgium is decreasing, but people getting admit to hospitals increases: Experts

In Belgium, the cases of COVID infected individuals is decreasing on a rapid basis in the entire nation, but the number of people getting admitted to the health care centre is increasing gradually.

Belgium made 150 beds accessible for patients from Ukraine

In Belgium, on Thursday, the health care centre has made 150 beds accessible for the patients from the war victims and the others from Ukraine. As per the details provided by the sources, the request was made to the hospitals to be prepared for the arrival of war victims in the previous week.

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