Brussels: Thousand protests for peace and stability in Ukraine

In the Brussels-Capital Region, thousands of individuals have come into the streets to participate in the demonstration for peace and stability in Ukraine, as per the sources.

There were around 2,500 of the protests that were reported by the capital police and a maximum of 4,000 by the organizers that took part in the gathering at the time about 1:00 PM nearby the Gare du Nord train station and at this place that was addressed by the representatives of participating organizations and associations.

Moreover, these enclosed trade unions, CNCD 11.11.11, Attac Bruxelles, the Belgian Coalition against nuclear weapons, and the National Coordination of Action for Peace and Democracy, CNAPD. One of the participants of Russian origin and one of Ukrainian origin also went on the stage for the reduction of the intensity of a conflict or potentially violent situation.

Along with this, the representative of the Vrede association mentioned that “We are calling for an investment in a ceasefire through negotiations and active diplomacy. Investing in negotiations is less costly than investing in weapons.”

Meanwhile, he further mentioned, “After the conflict, what will become of all these weapons that are in circulation?”

“We are worried about increasing military budgets. Billions are being invested in military equipment, but money can’t be found to develop alternative energy technology, and there is also the issue of the energy behind this war.”

On the other hand, the individuals that were included that they feared that the rapid increase in Ukraine might lead to a nuclear threat marched to the Central Train Station after a rainbow flag for peace. In contrast, more miniature flags were scattered all over the crowd.

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