Iceland signs air travel agreement with Chile

The authorities of Iceland have made the announcement that the nation has made an agreement that the air travel agreement with Chile.

According to the sources, the agreement with both the nations was signed by the Ambassador of Iceland named Ingibjörg Davíðsdóttir as well as with Luiz Plaza Gentia, the Ambassador of Chile at the Icelandic Embassy in Oslo.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland has elaborated that this agreement grants extensive rights and covers scheduled flights between the two nations without rules and regulations on the flights‘ number of destinations, volume, or frequency.

Additionally, it has been mentioned that the agreement that also permits flying to other destinations.

The minister mentioned in a statement, “The agreement also gives the right to fly to destinations beyond destinations in Iceland and Chile and to fly with passengers and cargo from a third country to another country without a stop in the home country of the aircraft, the so-called seventh license.”

Furthermore, the Icelandic authorities have highlighted that the air travel agreements are essential for Iceland as they ensure the transport to as well as from the nations and facilitate Icelandic carriers’ access to international markets.

Along with this, apart from the agreement with Chile, Iceland has already concluded tens of other agreements that allow flights to more than 100 nations. These agreements are reciprocal, which means that the other nations are also authorized to schedule flights to Iceland.

On the other hand, the ministry described that “Most of them are bilateral, but there are also several multilateral agreements, including the United States Airports Agreement with the EU, Iceland and Norway, and the Agreement on the Establishment of the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA), which covers all EU member states, Iceland and Norway, and six countries in the Balkans.”

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