Over 10 million people forced to flee to other nation amid Russia-Ukraine war: UNHCR

Around ten million individuals have been forced to escape their homes to the other nation to save their lives since the beginning of Russia‘s full-scale military operation against Ukraine, which took place on February 24, it been one month.

As per the latest data shared by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), more than 6.5 million individuals have been displaced within Ukraine. The other 3.7 million have been forced to escape their nation.

Along with this, at a similar time, it has been mentioned that around 13 million of the individuals are stranded in the affected areas or cannot leave due to the security risks, the destruction of the bridges, roads, and lack of resources and information on where they can discover security as well as shelter.

UNHCR Representative in Ukraine named Karolina Lindholm Billing stated that the majority of the national staff and UNHCR colleagues have shown their readiness to assist all Ukrainian citizens in the invasion issues by relocating them, as well as their commitment, has been inspiring.

Moreover, she highlighted, “In-country, we now have 154 colleagues, several on emergency deployments, and continue growing to strengthen our capacity to deliver. Everyone is working around the clock. Local communities, volunteers, municipalities and the authorities have led the humanitarian response. From the first minute of this war, what we have seen in the local effort has been remarkable. Our goal is to reinforce and complement national and local capacity, which is increasingly necessary as the humanitarian crisis grows.”

According to UNHCR Representative Lindholm, over 1,000 families in the war-torn nation have already received emergency shelter kits to repair the three damaged homes.

However, the central and western Ukraine reception centers have got the items such as mattresses, blankets, and kitchen sets.

Furthermore, around 85,000 individuals can discover temporary shelter because of the support.

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