Belgium faces spike in COVID-19 cases, hospitalization: Reports

Belgium, Europe– The number of people getting infected by the COVID-19 infection is increasing at a rapid pace as well as the number of individuals getting hospitalized because of the disease is also showing an upward trend, but the admissions of the patient in the Intensive Care Unit is decreasing gradually, as per the data shared by the Sciensano, the Public Health Institute on Saturday, March 26.

According to the figures, approximately 10,561 of the infected people were reported on a per-day basis from 16 to March 22; the cases have increased by 17 percent compared to the last week.

Along with this, the admissions of the Coronavirus infected people in the health center have been recorded as 192, which depicts a 16 percent increase in the cases daily between 19 to March 25.

Moreover, on Friday, March 25, the maximum number of individuals carrying the infection and admitted in the hospital of Belgium was observed as 2,680, there is a rise of 16 percent noticed, and on the other hand, the people in intensive care units (ICU) reported as 165, 3 percent decrease.

Meanwhile, The rate of reproduction (Rt) is 1.11. This number indicates the average number of persons that get the virus from each infected person, and a value greater than one indicates that the epidemic is spreading.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has mentioned in a statement that the majority of the European nations have removed the COVID-19 rules and regulations very early, and this is the main reason for the sudden increase in the cases of the new variant, the COVID-19 Omicron (BA2).

Furthermore, the director of the World Health Organisation of the Europe region named Hans Kluge mentioned that nation such as Germany, France, Italy, and Britain has eased their Coronavirus infection “brutally – from too much to too less.”

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