COVID-19 cases across Germany are twice high as compared to reported cases: Minister

The Federal Minister of Germany for Health named, Karl Lauterbach, mentioned in a statement that the cases of the COVID-19 infection are two times much higher than as compared to the official reported cases.

On Friday, Lauterbach stated, “The number of unreported cases is not known, but it can be assumed that the actual number of new infections is more than twice as high.”

“Unfortunately, it is not a good situation.”

As per the Robert Koch Institute, the cases that have been noticed of the individuals carrying the COVID-19 infection have been around 296,498, which was reported in between 24 hours.

Along with this, the seven-day incidence per 100,000 population increased marginally to 1,756.4, a new high.

Lauterbach praised Germany’s recent softening of practically all Covid-19 regulations but encouraged federal states to utilize their authority to strengthen them again for extremely dangerous locations.

Moreover, people who have not been vaccinated should obtain one since they can “barely prevent illness at the present.” Despite the fact that the elderly and those with pre-existing diseases were especially vulnerable, approximately 90% of respondents had not got a fourth immunization dosage.

On the other hand, 75.9% of Germany’s population had been adequately vaccinated as of Thursday, with at least 48.6 million booster doses provided. However, the country’s unvaccinated population stands at 19.5 million individuals, according to official estimates.

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