Belgium: COVID-19 again spikes, crosses mark of 2,500 cases

In Belgium, the maximum number of individuals admitted in the health care centres by getting infected by the COVID-19 infection or the people who are testing positive in the hospital has again crossed the mark of 2,500.

As per the information that has been published by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Thursday, around 183.1 of the patients carrying COVID-19 infection were admitted to the hospitals on a daily basis between 17 to 23 March, there is a rise of 14 percent noticed since the last seven days.

Moreover, this number reflects that most of the individuals end up in the hospital precisely because of the infection, not those admitted with another condition and then the test positive for the variant of the COVID-19 disease.

On Wednesday, an average of 2,597 individuals were in the hospitals of Belgium because of the virus. On Tuesday, over 84 and around the similar number as one month ago. However, the total number of people getting the treatment in intensive care unit has been decreased by seven to 171, down from around 300 one month ago.

Along with this, the figures cover all of the patients who tested positive for COVID-19 infection, including those who were first admitted with another health issue.

The people that have been affected by the new variant of the COVID infection has been reported as 10,090, which were identified on a per-day basis. The rise of 24 percent has been observed since the last week.

Furthermore, the rate of death due to Coronavirus infection is showing a downward trend. During a similar week, an average of 18.6 COVID-19 patients died daily, and a decrease of 9 percent was observed. The maximum number of deaths in Belgium since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 30,635.

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