Passengers travelling to Netherlands no longer need to obey rules related to COVID-19

The travellers that arrive in the Netherlands from a European Union/Schengen Area nation will no longer be needed to obey the rules and regulations as a dutch government has decided to relax such measures.

According to new laws that went into effect today, according to the information provided by sources, EU/Schengen Area travellers can now enter the Netherlands without limitation, regardless of their vaccination or recuperation status.

Along with this, this means that EU/Schengen Area travellers will no longer be needed to present a valid vaccination, recovery, or test certificate upon their arrival in the Netherlands.

Additionally, it has been noted that EU/Schengen Area travellers reaching the Netherlands from the third nation will also be exempt from the entry rules and regulations.

The previous week, the Dutch government mentioned, “For people travelling to the Netherlands from within the EU/Schengen, the obligation to have a test, recovery, or vaccination certificate will expire from March 23.”

A statement suggests that the Netherlands now applies entry rules and regulations on the nation of the origin of a traveller.

It has been explained that the entry rules have also been facilitated for third nation travellers. The individuals who reach the Netherlands from a non-EU country are now exempt from the need to show a negative COVID-19 test that has been taken before the arrival.

However, the government’s statement noted, “The EU entry ban applies to you. There are exemptions to the entry ban, for example, for people travelling from a safe country or people with proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. This proof of vaccination or recovery must meet certain requirements.”

A vaccination certificate to be taken when entering the Netherlands, the document must prove that the holder has completed primary vaccination within the previous nine months.

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