Belgium to not issue daily reports on COVID-19: Reports

Belgium, Europe– Sciensano, the research institute and the national public health institute that publishes the nation’s official COVID infection data, has made an announcement that they are not going to issue daily reports on the epidemiological situation in the country.

As per the information provided by the sources, the Sciensano dashboard is no longer going to share the data related to the Coronavirus infection on a daily basis. The figures will now be issued two times a week, including Tuesday and Friday. Sciensano has emphasized that this change does not mean that the government is not going to observe the situation in the entire nation.

Moreover, in the statement, it has been mentioned that “The change in the number of reports is independent of the COVID-19 surveillance activities. Sciensano continues to monitor the epidemiological situation closely.”

The Data will constantly share through its “usual channels”, including newsletter, dashboard, and database.

From the time since the majority of the public health restrictions were eased up on March 7, more people are getting infected from the variant of the COVID-19 infection, and the cases are gradually increasing.

On March 24, more than 13,000 individuals carried the COVID-19 virus in Belgium.

Furthermore, most of the individuals admitted to the health care center with the COVID-19 virus have crossed 2,500. A total of 183 COVID patients were admitted to the hospital on a per-day basis, an increase of 14 percent.

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