Ukraine shows disappointment with EU on providing insufficient arms

The war-torn nation has shared its disappointment on Saturday with the European Union on providing insufficient amounts of arms as well as at a too slow pace.

On Social Media, Mychajlo Podoljak, who is the adviser to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, mentioned in the statement, “Ukraine needs weapons now. Not in a month, now.”

Moreover, from the start of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine, which was started on February 24, the European Union has already made the announcement of a 1.5 billion euros package in military aid to Kyiv, according to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Kyiv believes that these deliveries are insufficient as well as very slow. The European funds made available are used the primarily to finance protective equipment, first aid kits as well as fuel, but also “lethal military equipment for the defensive purposes.”

In addition, the war-torn nation would like to get more heavy arms, such as armoured vehicles, anti-aircraft systems, artillery as well as fighter planes.

As per the authorities of Ukraine as well as the Western intelligence services, Russia is preparing for a massive offensive in eastern Ukraine to take complete control of the Donbas region.

Furthermore, the governor of Lugansk mentioned in the statement that ten of the thousands of Russian soldiers are making their way towards the frontline in the east.

Furthermore, they are currently waiting for more favourable weather to go on the offensive.

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