Germany considers to provide Omicron vaccines from September

The health authorities of Germany are considering the anti-COVID vaccines adapted to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus from the month of September, the German Health Minister named Karl Lauterbach mentioned during an interview on Sunday.

As per Lauterbach, there will be a vaccine in the nation that will provide protection to the population against the Omicron variant.

He stressed that the fact that the infection is constantly mutating, however, makes it increasingly difficult to prepare for these mutations.

He mentioned in the statement, “It is quite possible that in the future we will have to deal with a variant as contagious as Omicron and just as deadly as Delta. It would be an ‘absolute killer’ variant.”

In the nation, about a third fourth of the population is currently populated, according to the data shared by the sources.

Meanwhile, the variant of the COVID-19 has been diagnosed in about a quarter of the individuals living in Germany.

Furthermore, the maximum number of positive tests has been showing a decreasing trend. On Saturday, for the first time in the month of January, less than 1,000 of the new cases per 100,000 inhabitants were identified correctly.

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