The UN humanitarians have shared the information that about 4.7 million people have escaped the war-torn nation since the starting of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine, which was started on February 24, the maximum number of the individuals have returned home.

The UN aid coordination office (OCHA) has noted the figures from the State Border Guard Service, mentioned that the 30,000 individuals are going back to Ukraine on a per-day basis amid the ongoing crises related to deteriorating food security inside the nation.

Moreover, OCHA highlighted in the statement, “This significant figure suggests that migration back to the war-torn nation might constantly rise, potentially developing new challenges for the humanitarian response as individuals will require support to reintegrate into their communities or discover suitable host communities if returning to their houses is no longer viable.”

The women, along with the young ones as well as the older individuals, are among the latest group of returnees, in comparison with the starting of the dispute when it was primarily men who were travelling back to Ukraine to combat in the war.

Along with this, 12 million individuals are in need in Ukraine, and approximately seven million of the people are internally displaced. Meanwhile, the humanitarians have reached 2.1 million of them, says the recent update.

The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) has alerted that there are “immediate food insecurity issues” in almost three in 10 oblasts.

In addition, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator named, Martin Griffiths stated, “Tens of thousands of non-military persons in Mariupol, which has been an epicentre of horror from the time since the conflict started — and in other places near Ukraine have now endured 50 days of violence & shelling.”

Furthermore, “More than 1,932 civilians have died since February 24, including more than 150 children. This must stop.”