Hungary records over 10,000 Ukrainian refugees per day: Bakondi

Around 9,000 to 10,000 refugees from Ukraine are reaching Hungary per day, according to the figures provided by the Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi.

The number of refugees from the war-torn nation has surpassed 601,000 from the start of the fight, according to Bankodi.

Moreover, the Chief Security Advisor has mentioned in the statement that the Hungarian government had sent help worth €7.9 million to Transcarpathia as well as western Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion of the latter.

As reported by About Hungary, he made the argument, “Hungary helps by sending charitable aid, by accepting refugees, providing health care, transport, accommodation, and jobs as well as by organizing their journey further… but our priority is the security of Hungarians and does not want Hungary to be dragged into this war.”

Along with this, Bankodi highlighted that the southern border is under migratory pressure, estimating that 500-600 people try to enter Hungary illegally every day.

The Chief Security Advisor stated that movement has increased on significant routes, owing to the end of winter and the repeal of COVID-19 measures, such as entrance restrictions and travel bans, enacted by governments to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Hungary’s government has consistently outlined its support for Ukrainian refugees. Hungarian officials have stated that they may accept over 900,000 Ukrainian migrants escaping the conflict.

Bakondi highlighted at the time that the rise in the number of Ukrainian migrants meant that there was a greater need for organizations to collaborate in this area.

He emphasized, “Hungary must continue supporting Transcarpathia Hungarians because their region has seen a big influx of people from eastern Ukraine who have lost everything.”

In addition, the Chief Security Advisor stated that relief centers along the Hungary-Ukraine border are prepared to absorb the growing number of migrants escaping the fighting.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, several European nations, particularly its neighbors, have opened their doors to a huge number of Ukrainians.

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