Shipwreck claims nine refugee lives in Mykonos

Nine more deaths from the refugee shipwreck in Mykonos came to be added to the human hecatomb that is regularly sacrificed in the Aegean, in the Mediterranean, but also in the Evros.

The responsibility for these drownings of innocent people, whose only “crime” was to seek safety in Europe from imperialist wars and the extreme poverty that threatened their survival, rests solely with the governments that adopted the EU-Turkey deal and the Dublin regulations, in complete violation of international refugee law.

The New Democracy presents these agonizing deaths as an “achievement” and brags about the reduction of refugee flows, implementing with excessive zeal the role assigned to it by the EU: to repel and trap refugees to protect, together with Turkey, the outer walls of Europe – Fortress.

Implementing in practice the tactic proposed by the member of parliament and a former minister, according to which “blood on the border” is required to prevent the refugees’ right to move to such an extent that her far-right cynicism even causes international reactions, as in the case of the video that blatantly refutes the government’s claim about the non-existence of the illegal “pushbacks” regularly applied by the Coast Guard.

These inhumane practices are a building block of New Democracy politics. Because on the dead bodies of children, women and men, she builds her racist narrative that there are human lives that are “contraband”. And this does not only concern refugees and immigrants, but the whole of her perception of society.

People’s Unity , the Insubordinate Left, denouncing with disgust and anger the policies that cause the deaths of refugees, will continue to be in the streets together with all anti-racist and anti-fascist collectives to defend the right of all people, regardless of race and nationality, to a safe and dignified life for all. Because for us, no human life is clandestine

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