Brussels awarded second prize for European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has been awarded the second prize for ‘European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity’ by the European Commission.

This prize for ‘European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity’ was launched by the European Commission in 2021 to recognize the work done by cities, towns, or regions in the EU to promote inclusion and help create discrimination-free societies. 

It is noteworthy that this forms a part of the European Commission’s commitment to foster a more inclusive and fairer Europe.

The award was presented to Brussels State Secretary for Equal Opportunities Nawal Ben Hamou on behalf of the Brussels regional government.

“Out of 74 applications from all over the European Union, the fact that Brussels receives this award gives recognition and visibility to the exceptional work since 2019.

 For the first time, the Brussels-Capital Region sees equal opportunities as a flagship and intersectional competence. This is bearing fruit with six action plans focusing on the main forms of discrimination experienced in Brussels.” stated Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region, Nawal Ben Hamou.

As the heart of Europe, the home base for many European and international organizations, and with its 189 nationalities, Brussels sees inclusivity as one of its priorities. 

Meanwhile, it is also for that reason that it has implemented the following six action plans to counter discrimination in the city:

1 Combat violence against women

2 Support for single parenthood

3 Inclusion of LGBTQ community

4 Fight against prevalent racism

5 Strive for gender equality

6 Inclusion of people with disabilities

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