Belgium: CAW announces to offer psychosocial support to Ukrainian refugees

The Center for General Welfare of Belgium (CAW) has made an announcement that it is going to offer psychosocial support to refugees that have escaped from the war-torn nation because of Russia’s full-scale military operation.

As per the information shared by the sources, the people who have faced a difficult situation in Ukraine to support them CAW have taken the initiative to cope with the current consequences.

Along with this, the CAW, a first-line organisation, has made the decision to provide psychosocial support to individuals with increased vulnerability stressed the significance of quick help in processing feelings after Russia’s invasion.

Bart Claes, general director of CAW Group, mentioned in a statement, “We know from experience that in case of mental unwellness, stress-related complaints, fear or coping with war violence, psychosocial assistance must be provided quickly. This is an important factor in preventing later problems.”

Moreover, the already existing feelings of fear, anxiety as well as uncertainty that the majority of the refugees feel are further exacerbated by the fact they arrived in an unknown nation, where they have to figure out the logistics of living there while dealing with their trauma, which is why the CAW is offering its services.

As part of the psychosocial support it can offer, the CAW will ask refugees what they require and assist them in finding the correct information and services and providing a listening ear and reassurance. It has a low-threshold offer on mental unwellness, meaning it works to detect problems early on as well as control them from getting worse.

Furthermore, Claes mentioned, “For these refugees, it is first important that they feel safe and meet their first needs for housing. Only then can they continue to process what has happened. For some people, coping goes without any extra support. For others, this support is needed.”

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