About 1,300 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in Belgium

An average of 94.3 patients suffering from the COVID infection were admitted to the local Belgium hospitals daily in the previous seven days.

COVID-19 situation continue to improve in Belgium, reports some 1700 infections per day

The situation in Belgium related to the COVID-19 infection continues to improve, as an average of 1,706 new daily infections.

Belgium COVID cases drops; only 2,000 patients hospitalized

The nation reports more than 2,000 of the Covid-19 infected people in the hospital. All of the COVID-19 indicators continue to drop steadily, as per the figures published by the Sciensano Health Institute on Friday.

Death rate due to COVID-19 across Belgium spikes: Reports

The majority of the individuals facing death by getting affected by the COVID-19 infection is showing an upward trend in Belgium. Also, the increase of Coronavirus cases is increasing at a rapid pace.

Belgium to not issue daily reports on COVID-19: Reports

Belgium, Europe- Sciensano, the research institute and the national public health institute that publishes the nation's official COVID infection data, has made an announcement that they are not going to issue daily reports on the epidemiological situation in the country.

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