Brussels Mayor likely to hold meeting with Kyiv Mayor

Brussels: Mayor Philipe Close is likely to hold a meeting with Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko on May 2 as part of a humanitarian visit to war-torn Ukraine, as recalled by the post on Twitter. 

The Mayor is officially visiting Lviv and Kyiv as a representative of Brussels’ Saint-Pierre Hospital. As per the Mayor, the trip’s mission is to assess “how to aid the injured (in Ukraine) as quickly as possible, whether civilian or military.”

Moreover, the Brussels official is scheduled to have a meeting with his Kyiv counterpart, Vitaly Klitschko, on May 2. There, he will participate in a special session of the parliament in Ukraine. 

The mission of the Mayor to the cities is accompanied by three tonnes of medical equipment and two ambulances that have been donated by the Brussels Fire Brigade (Fire Department).

Along with this, in the Twitter post, it has been mentioned, “Visit of the General Hospital with my colleague Andriy Sadoviyy, Mayor of Lviv, to set up concrete collaborations between our hospitals.

On May 1, the Brussels Mayor visited the injured individuals of the war-torn nation, receiving medical assistance at the General Hospital in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, alongside the local Mayor Andriy Sadoviyy. 

In addition, Sadoviyy highlighted in the statement that he had a word with Close about the “medical needs” of Lviv, finally agreeing on the supply of medical equipment and making arrangements for the medical rehabilitation of the Ukrainians abroad.

On the other hand, Close shared on his Twitter account that he was looking to set up “concrete collaborations” between Saint-Pierre as well as the Ukrainian hospital in the near future. 

Furthermore, on April 28, Close joined more than 300 mayors in calling on European leaders to implement an oil and gas embargo on the nation because of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine. 


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