Brussels: Renovation of Justice Palace postpones due to need of replacement of bricks

Around 15 percent of the bricks in the façade of the Brussels Justice Palace, which is approximately 300 square meters which, are in poor condition that they require to be replaced, which will cause further delays to the restoration process of the building.

Laurent Vrijdaghs of the Public Buildings Administration shared the information, a new in-depth study of the state of the façade of the Justice Palace at the Place Poelaert side, which estimates that about one-sixth of the bricks required to be replaced before the scaffolding can be removed.

Moreover, as per the administration’s expectations, the percentage of 15 percent can probably be extrapolated as well as will also be roughly applied to the other facades of the building.

According to the result, the façade will probably not be freed from its scaffolding in 2023 as initially planned, but only in 2024 or 2025.

Along with this, a couple of weeks ago, work on the Justice Palace resumed and will continue for several months. Firstly, the scaffolding around the Palace, which was put up in 1984, was renewed, so the state of the building’s bricks could be examined, as they had been exposed to bad weather as well as pollution for decades.

As per the reports, the building is a protected monument, and all-new stones have to come from the original quarry, which is located in the French region of Comblanchien, in Burgundy, and even the original stone vein.




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