Around 5 million people fled war-torn nation since Russia-Ukraine crisis

The number of individuals who have escaped the war-torn nation now has been reported as five million since the starting of Russia’s full-scale military operation in Ukraine, from February 24, 2022.

More than 2.8 million individuals have entered Poland from the beginning of the invasion. About 37,000 of the refugees were totally supported in searching for safe shelters in private homes in Poland.

Moreover, One of the humanitarian and development organizations of the Catholic Church named Caritas Internationalis mentioned on their official Facebook account, “The number of people escaping #Ukraine continues to increase, reaching an estimated 5 million people who have crossed international borders since February 24 2022, more than 2.8 mils. #refugees have entered #Poland. 37,000 #refugees were supported in finding safe shelter in Polish private homes. #Caritas facilities in Poland provided refugees with more than 1,5 million meals; more than 537,000 people have already benefited from this #assistance.”

This organization helps people coming from Ukraine to get over 1,5 million meals. More than 537,000 persons have already benefited from this assistance.

Along with this, The parliament of Poland passed a bill on March 12 to help the individuals arriving from the war-torn nation by providing them with all of the basic rights to stay in the country without any difficulty.

In addition, permitting them access to the nation’s labor market, health care system and other social benefits.

Ukraine has been independent from Russia since 1991, and since 2014 both the nations have been hostile to each other.

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